Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

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Website Notes

This, from the club's first newsletter written by original SAMOA member, Ray Olmstead:

"Half the fun of owning a Miata is sharing it with other people!  Whether it is acknowledging the looks and/or comments while driving, answering questions whenever you stop the car, or swapping experiences with other Miata owners, the car just seems to be a magnet for fun-loving, friendly people."

Upcoming Events

June 3

June 10

June 14

July 8

July 13

July 13-16

August 5

Sept. 16

Sept. 29-Oct. 1

Oct. 21-22

Dec. 3

Dec. 7

Lodi Blooms

Outdoor Quilt Show

General Meeting

Ice House Road Run

General Meeting

Explore Oregon Tour

Capay Valley Run

Food and Music Festival

SAMOA Birthday Party

Miata Reunion

Shriners Run

Christmas Party

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