Sacramento Area Miata Owners Association

Membership Required

SAMOA was founded in 1990 by Paul Kile, and Audrey Hall. Their vision was to establish a local Miata Club Chapter in the Sacramento area, and that first year, there were 13 charter members.  SAMOA was affiliated with the now-defunct Miata Club of America (MCA). MCA was established in 1987 and until it was disbanded in 2002 had over 65,000 members.  Although MCA no longer exists, SAMOA is now under the aegis of the National Association of Mazda Clubs, with ongoing support from Mazda North American Operations.

Since its inception, SAMOA has grown from its original 13 members to a peak of over 250 members.  Presently the club boasts around 100 memberships, more than 100 Miatas and over 140 members.  Most are from the greater Sacramento area, however, some come from as far away as Fairfield, Modesto, Oroville, Lake Tahoe and beyond.

SAMOA provides an environment where people who drive (or hope to drive) one of the finest sports cars ever made can get together and share common and unique experiences.

The Miata was created as part of a long-running tradition of lightweight, open-air, two-seat sports cars. It was introduced in the United States when the market for this type of vehicle had already declined. In spite of this, the Miata has thrived; and, more recently, has been the incentive behind the production of similar vehicles from other manufacturers. Tom Matano and his design team at Mazda were the driving force behind the design of this wonderful car, both the original model, the redesigned 1999-2005 NB Miata, the 2006-2014 NC MX-5, and the current generation 2016-2021 ND.

Over the course of the year, SAMOA offers a wide variety of functions and events that all members are encouraged to attend, including the monthly club meetings.  The meetings are held the second Thursday of every month and provide a forum for club members to socialize, swap Miata stories, plan trips, talk with local Mazda dealerships and get the inside scoop on technical issues. There is also a monthly raffle with a multitude of fun prizes for participating members. Above all, we all look forward to meeting new members at our monthly meetings.