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This Miata was purchased in February of 2016...It was intended to be an Autocross car until my health went south...Hence the modifications that were made...Goodwin Racing and Wildwood Brakes supplied the parts...It has a big brake kit on the front axle...There is a RoadsterSport Complete Underbody Aluminum Brace Kit...There is a RoadsterSport 4 point front shock tower brace...A trunk mounted RoadsterSport rear shock tower brace...It is currently sporting a refresh on the ecu which provides a little bit more torque especially down low in RPMs...Currently mounted are a set of very light Advanti 16x8 very lightweight wheels with 225 tires (VERY sticky Bridgestone RE-71) on those wheels...They were installed around 10,000 miles and are very close to new...In very extreme cornering there is a bit of rub on the front inside fender liners but nothing to worry about...There are stiffer anti sway bars made by Progress front and rear where the fronts are 3 way adjustable currently set to stiffest setting...The rear is 2 way adjustable...My health turned south before I could change the shocks and springs so it currently rides on stock Bilstiens which are very adequate for back roads...Spring rates are very comfortable...One of the faults of the 2016 Sport is it leans too much in corners...That has been addressed here...This car corners as flat as you can make a Miata corner...

The original wheels and tires (17x8 and 205x50) are included...The cat back exhaust was replaced by a RoadsterSport exhaust replacement which might be a bit loud for some but it comes with a silencer which bolts into place...To save weight the car currently has a VERY light small battery which is very adequate unless left unused for more than a couple weeks...A battery tender and convenient connection is included...Keep it plugged in and there is no problem...

With all additions the car weighs approximately 75 lbs less than stock which provides for a better cornering ability and saved fuel...It probably weighs around 2160 lbs as it sits

If you are interested in converting it to an STR autocross car or just want something that wont be embarrased on back roads by anything less than a Porsche and still can be driven to wineries and commute every day and get 28-30 mpg, this is it...never been in an accident, always garaged and covered most of the time...It has NEVER been tracked or autocrossed...The car looks completely stock except for the wheels...Will provide test drives...Just ask

I will accept texts only...I wont accept phone calls from unknown numbers...9167181545

Asking $22,000...Blue Book has it around $24,100 in very good condition...Thought I would give the club first crack at the car...All service is up to date every time the computer tells me to change the oil...Way more times than miles travelled...

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2016 Miata/MX-5 Club with 19,000 Miles